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Companies we can trust will say “NO” to CISPA

The US government wants to exempt every company from following their own privacy policy; that’s why we expect our biggest web companies to not let this happen. CISPA will grant companies legal immunity if they freely share our information with the government, i.e. you can’t sue them even when they’re using your information illegally or their privacy policy says they won’t. The result: an end to privacy online. CISPA trumps all existing privacy laws and no company we trust should want CISPA to become law.


Google, Twitter, and Facebook are three of the biggest companies on the web and they house a massive amount of information on their users. It’s important that users constantly remind them how much we care about our privacy. Google and Twitter have actually done really awesome things to defend user privacy like refusing to turn over data to the government without a warrant, and releasing transparency reports. We’re asking them to remain consistent with that commitment by making a public statement on CISPA so that their users, and Congress, know where they stand.

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